My name is Duncan.  As it says on the tagline of the home page, I am a very amateur woodworker, photographer and video maker.  I am basically in it to have fun and try new things. In the past I have finished quite a few projects, some of which I am very proud of, some of which ended up in the bin.  I am trying to track down some pictures of some of them as an example of what can be down and how NOT to do things as well!

I do have a few people that are an inspiration to me.   The three people that I follow that got me back into woodworking after about a 3 year hiatus are Paul Sellers, Chris Schwarz and Mark Harrell.  There are lots of others that you can check out through my blogroll.

Also requiring a very special mention is Jeff Touzeau of Hummingbird Media – with whom I have spent many happy hours in either his workshop or mine working on projects, discussing tools, life and music or just messing around.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the site as I build it out – it will always be a work-in-progress!!



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